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About Dr. Arlene Q Allen

About Dr. Arlene Q Allen

In formats from intensives of 24 hours to five consecutive 24 hour days, Dr. Arlene Q. elicits people’s highest and assists them to add additional paradigms, additional way of seeing themselves, others and situations.
The process is highly interactive and individualized. The resulting expanded set of choices releases creativity and additional approaches. The model that underlies these results is a distillation based in a set of internally consistent working assumptions about our human nature and functioning.
The distillation includes elements of the theories and practices supporting Reevaluation Counseling, the Human Awareness Institute, the International Professional Surrogates Association, and Quantum Learning. The set of internally consistent working assumptions about our human nature and functioning that Dr. Arlene Q. believes includes that as individuals, we are all born (unless we’ve had a very, very tough time in utero with resulting fore-brain damage) with vast resources of touchability, intelligence, creativity, lovability, a clear sense of justice, curiosity, hope and zest and with the ability to heal. In very young human beings these qualities are frequently easier to see. As we (1) grow up, (2) get emotionally hurt and (3) don’t have the information and resources to separate what happened from these hurts, fewer and fewer of these innate human qualities remain flexible, apparent and accessible. The wonderful thing is that people who don’t believe any of it are still able to use the tools and have the full creative fun of learning and getting results.

& Still Growing

For more than the past three decades, Dr. Arlene Q. has developed her skills
around touch and communication
around integrating thinking and emotion
around the power of nurturing visions and
around empowering others.
A major impetus to enhancing her communication skills arrived with second grade. She commuted from Harlem, her economically poor, all black neighborhood in New York City’s Manhattan to attend the then all white Hunter College Elementary School on the wealthy, Upper East Side of Manhattan. The excellent classical/renaissance education equipped her for many academic adventures, including a double minor in Art and Communications while achieving her baccalaureate in Economics from Hunter College. Her latest academic accomplishment and growth experience, with the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality incorporated in 1976 in San Francisco California, is her Doctorate in Human Sexuality.

Partial Client List:

Arlene has worked with individuals, couples, households, front-line employees, managers, staff and students from the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors during more than twenty years of coaching, training and mentoring throughout the United States in individual sessions, intensives, classes, speeches, presentations, workshops and in facilitating conferences and retreats.
CORPORATE & GOVERNMENTAL CLIENTS: Motorola; Ricoh; US General Accounting Office; NYS Dept. of Social Services; NYC Board of Education; City of Albany; Massachusetts Dept. of Employment and Training; Gannett Press; The Greater Cincinnati and The Shreveport LA. Chambers of Commerce Long Island Savings Bank; Bridgeport Hydraulic.
ORGANIZATIONAL CLIENTS: Montefiore Medical Center; Aids Action Committee (Boston); UN Office of the World Council of Churches; The United Methodist Church; Unitarian Universalist Association; Anti-Defamation League; The Haymarket Fund; North Star Fund; New York Regional Association of Grantmakers; National Conferences on Men and Masculinity; American Jewish Committee; National Coalition Building Institute; The American Library Association; Dance New England Network; Re-evaluation Counseling Communities; NYC 92nd Street YMHA.
ACADEMIC CLIENTS: Boston College; Boston University; Brooklyn College; Brown University; Bucknell University; Burlington County College; Columbia University; Connecticut College; Fitchberg State College; Hamilton College; Harvard University; Hudson Valley Community College; Iona College; MCA Institut Superieur de la Communication in Lyons, France; Macalester College; University of Maryland; University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Oberlin College; Pennsylvania State University; Princeton University; Sodus Central School District; Suffolk University; SUNY at Albany and at New Paltz; Tufts University; UCLA; Wellesley College; Williams College.
Certifications and AffiliationsAdjunct faculty of Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY 1992
Associate in Sex Education Certificate: 150 hours of study focused on sex education videos, the history of sexology, and developmental sexology throughout the life span. 1997
Attendance at a SAR- Sexual Attitude Restructuring: an intensive seven day educational and experiential program for sex educators, therapist and counselors. The SAR focuses on new methodologies in the sex field. 1997
Sexologist: by the Board of Examiners of The American College of Sexologists 1997
Clinical Sexology Certificate: The Associate in Sex Education Certificate is a prerequisite. 150 additional hours in the following program areas: sociocultural implications of sexology; sexual anatomy and physiology; health perspectives; sexual spectrum; sexual dysfunctions and their treatment; legal/ethical issues and erotology. 1998
Erotology Certificate: Six units of graduate courses in erotology including in-depth exposure and evaluation of erotic expression and use in the last half of the 20th Century. 1998
Sexological Instructor / Advisor of AIDS/STD Prevention Certificate: A five day study of the current research findings, multiple diagnoses and co-factors, epidemiological programs and advanced intervention strategies with respect to the symptoms, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 1998
Adjunct faculty of the Workforce Development Institute affiliated with Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY 1999
Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The Institute, which has over twenty-five years of clinical and teaching experience is internationally recognized as in the forefront of graduate education in the field of sexology. The Institute is approved by the State of California Office of Private Postsecondary Education. The Institute, based in San Francisco, California in the USA, offers four graduate degrees in the field of human sexuality, which are specifically designed for those making human sexuality a focus of their professional careers. 2000


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